New GPS Application Lets You Play GTAA Games on Your Verizon Playbook

New GPS Application Lets You Play GTAA Games on Your Verizon Playbook

New GPS Application Lets You Play GTAA Games on Your Verizon Playbook

The Motorola DROID is one of the best selling smartphones available, however, it lacks a great deal when it comes to its ability to run the GPS/Global Positioning System (GPS) on it. Most consumers are unaware that this is even an option, and many are simply surprised that it is there. That is because the iPhone has been considered the industry leader in smartphone applications by most tech critics and industry watchers. However, the iPhone was not the first smartphone to have GPS built-in. That honor now belongs to the Android mobile operating system. So why did Google choose to allow its competitor to take this advantage?

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According to Google Senior Staff Engineer, David Bailey, the primary reason behind allowing the iPhone users to download their own GPS apps is to protect them from being limited by carriers and cell phone companies in the future. This is a problem that most large carriers and wireless companies have been facing for several years and one that Google knows all too well. As we all know, carriers and wireless companies love to sell more mobile service plans. However, they also have to make money in order to do so, and limiting consumers like the iPhone users with GPS functionality could be a huge financial loss for them over time. In Google’s view, it makes more sense to allow consumers to download their own GPS apps since doing so gives them the freedom to choose carriers and providers.


As we know, Google has recently purchased the mapping company, Maps, and the location service provider, MapQuest. This acquisition was made in part to help Google grow its existing mobile operating systems business into a global phenomenon. As we know, the Android mobile operating system is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. In addition, Google desperately needs a large, high-volume data distribution business to continue to grow their internet services business into profitable territory. In other words, the acquisition of Maps is very likely to accelerate growth in the Android mobile operating system and provide Google with a ready distribution channel for its popular apps like Google Maps.


We all know that the Motorola Droid is the best-selling smartphone on the planet right now. It’s a powerful performance, stylish looks, and advanced capabilities have made it one of the most popular choices of smartphone buyers. Now, Verizon is planning to release an updated version of its Flip mobile phone. The “Play 5” mobile phone by Verizon will feature all of the capabilities that the esteemed Motorola Droid has, but also will include additional features that the Verizon Play series has never before offered. In fact, Verizon will be including some features that aren’t found on any other smartphone.


These new features will come as a free software upgrade, which will be automatically downloaded onto your phone. This should provide you with improved capabilities when watching your videos, playing your music, and enjoying all of the great applications that will be available in the Play 5 mobile application. In addition to this software upgrade, the “Play” series will also feature a greatly enhanced user interface, which will make it easier for you to enjoy your phone’s abilities to the fullest. One of the best things about these phones is that they are very similar in their appearance to the iPhone, so users of both devices will find that they are comfortable using the same hardware.


As you can see, the Motorola “Play” series and the Verizon “Play” series are both excellent choices when it comes to downloadable apps that will allow you to enjoy your mobile device while playing quality games. As you continue to read this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these fantastic mobile apps. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of downloading and playing your favorite arcade game on your phone, please follow the link below.

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