The Far Cry PC Game List

The Far Cry PC Game List

Far Cry PC game list is a compilation of the different episodes in the Far Cry game series. This PC video game has become one of the most popular titles for the system. The story of the game revolves around a boy who lives in a small village that once had everything. However, the town has been completely devastated thanks to some unexplained forces and chaos. With the help of a girl called Yuna, your task is to find out what caused the disaster and help her to return the land to normal.

far cry pc game list


Far Cry PC game list includes all the episodes in the game. The PC video game list starts with Far Cry. This is the first episode of the Far Cry game series and is considered the introduction of the game. Since this is the beginning, it is probably safe to say that this game is very easy. However, players can still expect a lot of challenges with future episodes of the game.


The Far Cry PC game list continues with the second episode, titled Crysis. In this game, players are once more thrown into the thick of a war between three factions. You are put under the command of a special forces soldier and have to make your way through the city, making sure that you save the civilians and kill every enemy that crosses your path.


The Far Cry game list also includes the single-player game, titled Far Cry. This time around, you are placed in the shoes of a man called Pac, who finds himself stranded on an island after his plane crashes. There are many things that you need to do in order to survive, like scavenging for food and water. You will also have to make use of weapons to kill the hungry animals that roam the island. While playing this game, you will also get to experience the beautiful island life.


This is not all; the Far Cry PC game list also includes one more game called Dragon’s Tears. As the name suggests, you play as an explorer who searches for the lost son of the previous king. This is one of the better games of Far Cry that you will be able to try. The game has been enhanced with better graphics and sound effects, besides improving the overall performance of the game. Some Far Cry fans will be happy to know that the game can be downloaded from the Far Cry official site for free.


When it comes to Far Cry, there are literally hundreds of games to choose from. However, the main one is going to be Dragon’s Tears, which is available now for you to download for free. The Far Cry PC game list is updated daily so that you will always have something new to play. The developers are making improvements constantly to the game so that it becomes more thrilling. If you are a Far Cry fan, make sure you are able to check out the entire list from one place.

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