The Origin of Ludo Games Name

The Origin of Ludo Games Name

When I heard “loro games” the first thing that came into my mind was “games of fun”. I knew it was a game but I didn’t know what kind of game it was. Well, after much research, I found out that the word “ludo” comes from the Spanish word “Lanza” which means dance. So, this game is really a kind of dance game. Some people may say that ludo games are just simple fun. But, I say that it can be a tool for improving your skill in playing the said game.

ludo games name


This game is known as one of the oldest games and some may even claim it to be the first-ever game. However, this is probably not true because there are many similarities between ludo and other kinds of games. The main reason why the name “ludo” is derived from the Spanish word is that most people call it “linco” which means dance.


To play the game, you will have to wear some funny costumes. This is because most people would like to see the funny faces of their beloved players. You will also need a strip of cloth which you will use as a mask. This is very important because it helps you to create the illusion that you are actually impersonating someone else. Of course, you cannot really do that unless you get yourself a really good mask.


The story goes that these games were invented by a priest. It is said that he wanted his people to forget about death and enjoy this game instead. Apparently, he thought that practicing this would make people more cheerful and would prevent them from going crazy. No matter how ridiculous this story sounds to you, it is true.


Since then, this game has developed into different versions. One of which is the traditional version wherein you would have to utter the word “colloquial”, “loud” or “vulgar”. The objective of doing this is to make your partner slip out of the clothes you are wearing. At the beginning of this game, this does not sound all that bad. However, you will notice that the more you try to pull him off, the harder it becomes.


You can check out the many variations of the ludo game’s name. There is the modern type, which involves a lot of words while others involve saying only a few words. You can even mix up the rules and have them fight each other in a boxing ring. If you want something which is a bit out of the ordinary, you can look up videos of ludo games. There are a lot of people who put up their own versions of the game on YouTube. They usually upload a video about the latest variation that they have come up with.

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